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Annual turnover R5 Million
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Get an Accredited BEE Certificate in as little as 24 hours

R695 (excl VAT)

Annual turnover more than
R5 Million


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3 Easy Steps to your BBBEE Certificate

Is your turnover less than R5 million per year?

Have you been in business for less than one year?

Then you automatically qualify for a Level 4 BBBEE certificate. And if your black shareholding is above 50%, you automatically qualify for a Level 3 BBBEE Certificate.

Our IRBA approved BEE Auditors can issue your BBBEE certificate within 1 day of receiving your information. Our online BEE Navigator system and our qualified staff will make your BEE Certification a breeze.

All you have to do is:

1. Register online

2. Submit the information we will request from you by email.

3. Make your payment and receive your BBBEE Certificate.

Our staff will guide you through every step and make sure that your certification runs like clockwork. Payment is required only once the certificate has been issued by our IRBA approved BEE Auditors.

Need to Know

What will it cost?

Your first certificate will cost R695 (excl VAT)

Subsequent renewal certificates will cost R600 (excl VAT)

When do I make the payment?

Payment is required only once the BBBEE Certificate has been issued by our IRBA approved BEE Auditors.

How do I receive the BBBEE Certificate?

Your BBBEE Certificate will be issued in PDF format and delivered to you via email as soon as payment is made.

Is the BBBEE Certificate SANAS accredited?

In terms of amendments to the Codes of Good Practice, valid BEE certificates can now also be issued by Auditors approved by the IRBA (Independent Regulatory Board of Auditors) for this purpose. Our BBBEE certificates are issued strictly through an IRBA-approved BEE auditor.

How long is the BBBEE Certificate valid?

A BBBEE Certificate is valid for one year from the date of issue.

Why you need a BBBEE Certificate

If you have a BBBEE Certificate, bigger businesses have an incentive to buy from you because it improves their own BBBEE score.

A level 4 certificate allows another business to claim 100% of their purchases from you as BEE procurement in their Preferential Procurement Element.

A level 3 certificate increases this recognition to 110%.

Is it possible to improve my BBBEE Score?

If your turnover is below R5m (or your business is less than a year old) AND your black shareholding is above 50%, you qualify for a level 3 BBBEE Certificate. If you wish to improve you score further, you would be obliged to undergo a full BEE audit under the QSE (Qualifying Small Enterprise) scorecard. This is an expensive exercise and does not guarantee an improvement in you BBBEE score.


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